UPDATE: BIO-construction workshop in natural park La Garrotxa from 19th till 26th of october.

More practical information in dutch you can find here

strobalen yurta huis

  • Learn
    Super efficient and economic building techniques with minimal ecological
    footprint. How to live in an intentional eco-community which has as a goal tocreate paradise.
  • Support
    With your own hands help to cocreate a school for life in Peace Garden Lung Ta. In the school of life children and adults learn how we can be present on this planet in a more harmonious way by learning different technics such as: Spiritual teachings, true sharing, bio-construction technics, gardening skills, creating art and so on…
  • Enjoy
    An all-in week in an amazing natural environment, comfortable lodging,
    vegetarian kitchen and the hospitality of the family of the Lung Ta

More info

In this 6-day workshop you will learn how to build a straw bale house with natural and recycled materials for less than 1000 euro’s in material costs.

A straw bale house has many benefits compared to a normal house. For example:

  • Cheap – for less than 1000 euro you can construct a whole house
  • Easy – gather some friends for one week and build your house
  • Isolation – straw is one of the best isolation materials possible
  • Natural – the main part of the house is build with natural materials


For this project we are cooperating with eco-architect Michele from, who has a great experience in constructing houses, outdoor kitchens, saunas and more by using natural and recycled materials. Check his website for more inspiring bio-constructions.

The framework is ready for carrying the roofIMG_5738
These pictures are made during our previous workshop

Investment: To change the paradigm of time=money into time=art, we don’t put a fixed price to the workshop but invite you to value yourself the worth of this workshop. What do you think it is worth to learn how to build an eco-house…? And technics that you can use to make your own comfortable natural house…? Don’t you think you need to experience this first before you can truly value this?

We want to find a way in which participants can value the workshop after they have experienced it, but we also need to make some investments before we can start the workshop. So this is our suggestion: We ask for a 250 euro payment in advance to assure your place in the workshop and to cover the pre-costs of the workshop. Then on the last day of the workshop you can value yourself the worth of everything you’ve experienced and created. This way of valueing is quite new to us and is an kind of experiment to get a more open interchange with visitors based on experience rather than on just blindly paying for something you read on the Internet.

Please note: People often find it hard to value the worth of something, so we like to give you a point of reference in order to reach a financial healthy balance at the end of the workshop: We feel and calculated that at least a minimum contribution of 441 euro’s is fair to cover all cost for organizing this workshop and as an exchange for the knowledge and expercience you receive.

Please fill in the contact form if you want more information or like to attend the workshop.

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  1. Hi, we would like to attend THE bio workshop. We are a family with two kids, one of us building and one of us with the kids. We need still to book tickets and maybe like to come littlebit earlier. Please let us know how to further arrange thuis with you. We are very excited about coming!


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