PHOTOS – Winter update: preparing the permaculture gardens for next season


This winter the Lung Ta family has been busy with making the permaculture gardens ready for the next season so we can enjoy more home-grown organic food and be more self-sustainable. The following pictures show our new gardens. The family has been working really hard on it and the result is a beautiful spiraling garden with at the centre a star-tetraedron representing the fire element. image imageWe’ll give you another update when the veggies are growing!

A new natural fence has been made to prevent the wild pigs from entering the garden.

A new natural fence has been made to prevent the wild pigs from entering the garden.

The following text explains a bit more in-depth the permaculture technique we used in our new gardens. It’s called Hugulkultur and we got introduced to this way of gardening by our dear friend Dieng.

You can find the whole article on permacultur.

 Hugelkultur are no-dig raised beds with a difference. They hold moisture, build fertility, maximise surface volume and are great spaces for growing fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Hugelkultur, pronounced Hoo-gul-culture, means hill culture or hill mound. Instead of putting branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the curbside for the bin men… build a hugel bed. Simply mound logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, petroleum-free newspaper, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies.

The advantages of a hugel bed are many, including: The gradual decay of wood is a consistent source of long-term nutrients for the plants. A large bed might give out a constant supply of nutrients for 20 years (or even longer if you use only hardwoods). The composting wood also generates heat which should extend the growing season. Soil aeration increases as those branches and logs break down… meaning the bed will be no till, long term.

The logs and branches act like a sponge. Rainwater is stored and then released during drier times. Actually you may never need to water your hugel bed again after the first year (except during long term droughts).


VIDEO bio-construction workshop: School of Life @ peace garden Lung Ta


Check out our new school in this cool video made by Our last bio-construction workshop was a great succes! 20 people participated in building the School of Life for the Lung Ta community and our neighbourhood. We decided to organise ourselves in a new project called Mas con Menos. It’s a building collective existing of bio-constructors, eco-architects and natural designers. We are planning to do our next workshop somewhere in august 2015 and it’s going to be all about self-sustainable living. You will learn everything about solar panels, how to build a rocketstove mass heaters, bread/pizza oven, water heating- and filter systems and a eco-sauna. Do you like to join our next workshop? Follow our new website – or on Facebook: Happy constructing!

Man plan, God Laughs – Home is the place you left

Man plan, God Laughs,

Thinking to visit family and friends 1500km away from here. Within 500km I
found myself guided back to where I am supposed to be. And grateful.

Home is the place you left…

And almost endless list of people, places, relations, beauty and many,
many lessons learned. Here I integrate and share the practice wherever
adventure calls.

Lung Ta [Wind Horse] is a peace garden, an intentional community. Here we
aim to live in close communion with Self, the family and nature. It is a 6
hectare peace of land of which about half is forest, with 13 horses, it’s
own water source and a family of awakened/awakening beings of all ages.


Five years ago I first came to this region, on my way to Portugal on a
vision-quest road-trip. My landing place was with my dear friend
MotoserrAzul who owns a mountain with 70 hectare of forest. Just some
seven odd kilometers from Lung Ta.

Riding synchronicity waves resulted in coming back to these places many
times the last 3 years. It has been a node where my guiding networks of
Kundalini Yoga, 13-moon calendar/Synchronarios, Amsterdam friends of
various backgrounds and serendipity all converged.

It is here that I have been investing my time, energy and resources to
co-create and manifest the vision of the Now Age that is known by so many
names in so many traditions.

Many of us have a deep inner longing to return closer to nature and to our
essence. Most of us don’t realize that this is easy to do. But it takes an
act of courage and an overcoming of mental laziness. I’ve been working on
a dream that I see taking shape and serious form. It includes Health,
Spirit and Legal matters.

Lung Ta and the related neighbors enable the family and me to experiment,
experience and live our truth in simple abundance.

We are called to take life into our own hands. Each of us is responsible
for his/her own process. This is what we do.
To live in the heart and experience the depth of Love is seemingly not
easy when we find ourselves in a world that is out of touch with itself
and out of balance with the things we came from and are dependent on. The
old order has become outmoded and stale. We need a new paradigm and it is
already here, real, comprehensive and available. It is happening and I
feel grateful to have found so much good energy gain more and more

We practice. Only when we know our own mind can we realize the deeper
orders of reality. Over here we are out of the boxed reality that the
cultural engineers have prepared for us. It rocks! My style?
Synchrogalactic Yoga.

Syncro yoga galactic post joost

This is a time of purification. We want to be cleaned out and have a well
functioning, strong physical body, a stress-free emotional body and a
logical/consistent mental body. There are regiments and disciplines to
cultivate each of these bodies; asanas, mudras, pranayams, cleansing and
fasting for the physical body; practices of meditation and artistical
expression help channel the emotional energy into higher states; and
meditation, visualization and telepathic exercises for the mental body.
Find what works for you. We are finding ways to facilitate and grow with
all of these elements.

I am happy with my life where I am. Could I be happier somewhere else? It
makes no difference, but here is home. Its true that you can be home
wherever you are. But its also true that some places are more in tune with
the kind of life that comes bursting out of you. This is where I am.
Theres nothing more inspiring and motivating than good company and an
environment that reflects and supports my mission. For this I like to ask
you what do you want to accomplish? And most importantly, why? Whats your
motivation? If you had to add something to humanity, what would your
contribution be? I am curious for your reply!

Why do you eat the way you eat and the things you eat? What do you think
you should eat that you are not eating and why? What can you put in your
body that gives you pleasure and also respects and nourish it? If you
don’t know, can you find out?
Your cells are made from the very food you eat. What we eat is the most
important physiological aspect of our aliveness. Here we honor life
through our work, mission, relationships (you name it), so we eat what
gives us life. We aim at creating food that sustains us. And it works. We
work with cooperation initiatives that function outside of taxed money
systems, based on trust and exchange. We are thriving! See the previous
video of our Pranaderia – Bread ‘n Breath.

Grateful for the germination and gestation of all the seeds that I have
been planting these years on the road.. I feel my next car will be a

Paarden marta post joost

So if you are willing to share practice that is offered ..find me
here…at home. As long as you realize that this is not a holiday
destination, but a destiny in manifestation…you are most welcome.

En Lak’ech a la kin.

Written by Joost a.k.a Emanuel, Siris, Quetzal or just 53

Foto 3 post joost

Fleca la Llavor – Pranaderia bread and breath

Proyecto colectivo y cooperativo que elabora pan artesanal en un horno de leña profesional.

Somos una comunidad autosostenible y a través de nuestra panadería, potenciamos el cambio hacia un sistema alimenticio mas consciente.

Una parte del cambio incluye la aceptación de moneda social al 100%.La moneda social es una clara alternativa al sistema económico que promueve la igualdad y la confianza en las personas.

Elaboramos panes ancestrales de kamut, espelta y centeno , como también todo tipo de dulces y salados ecológicos.

Nos podeis encontrar en Fleca La Llavor , c. Baix del Tura n4 (Olot)
Podeis visitar nuestra comunidad :